Chinese New Year Game Board Simplify Chinese 中国新年游戏板(繁體+簡體)


We have taught many students with our “ We Sing We learn” way—Sing the song, playing the flash cards game,  in almost 1-3 times, the kids can easily pick up the language and apply the concept in their daily life.


One Board Game – 2 pages.


Please print this Board game as many as you want, and have 2 players to toss the dice and play the game. 

“We Sing We Learn” Way : Sing the Chinese New Year Song that specially made for Chinese Learner , play the song as background music while the kids are playing the board game, in the car, in the room or transition time, and then play the flash cards as memory game, Bingo game, heart attack game, go fish game etc.   

*Because this is a digital product, no refunds are available. For personal use only.