Give us one minute and we will help you speak all the Months in Chinese. How ? Let's sing to learn. 


Our Songs are carefully written, composed and recorded specifically for the Chinese learner. In contrast to many of the Chinese music or tradition Chinese songs found on online platforms like YouTube, our songs were written and composed with the sole purpose of educating the Chinese Learner.  By integrating lyrics based upon essential Chinese vocabulary, with catchy holiday themed music composed to make learning fun, you'll not only find yourself singing along, but learning Chinese too!



The “We Sing We Learn” Method : Sing songs specifically written and composed for the Chinese Learner or play the song as background music in the car, the classroom, or during transition time.   Provide additional learning opportunities by downloading the accompanying flash cards for each song.  Flashcards are a perfect way to practice and master the newly learned vocabulary, and can be utilized as simply a teaching aid, or way to introduce a fun and exciting game into the classroom.  Our flashcards are perfect for playing the memory game, Bingo, heart attack game, go fish, etc.   

"唱樂學中文“法: 唱我們精心製作的歌曲,或是播放歌曲當背景音樂在車上,教室或是零散時間。然後用”唱樂學中文“的字卡玩記憶遊戲,賓果遊戲,心臟病,釣魚等等。

*Because this is a digital product, no refunds are available. For personal use only.