About Us

Ni Hao,

My name is Alisa,  at 5 years old, I had the dream of one-day dancing ballet. Supporting me in my dreams, my mother took me to the local Ballet Studio to begin my learning.  Unfortunately, the Ballet teacher told me that I was " 太胖了“(too fat ) to dance. My mother immediately enrolled me in piano lessons, which helped fuel my passions moving forward, as I studied music, got full scholarship from HsinChu Teacher college( 新竹教育大學)and earned my master degree in Music education from Boston University. Ultimately after being elementary teacher for 7 years in Taiwan, I accepting a job in the United States as a Chinese Immersion teacher. 

In the current system, many rely on a lottery system to have their children enrolled into a Chinese immersion program, or the children has to drop off the program due to " the grades are behind". At We Sing We Learn, we believe every child, no matter their age, size, or gender, should be given the opportunity to learn.  Learning language is not a privilege or wining the lottery. We believe everyone all can learn the language if we choose the right way to teach. 

Based upon more a decade of language teaching in the classroom, my husband and I started We Sing We Learn to make learning a Chinese both possible, and more importantly fun.  So what are you waiting for?  Come sing and learn with us today!