Days of the Week Poster 星期图卡


We have taught many students with our “ We Sing We learn” method—Sing the song, playing the flash cards game and in almost 1-3 times, the kids can easily pick up the language and apply the concept in their daily life.

Music for Days of the Week in Chinese please click here.


Flash cards – One set of Days of the week flashcards, 16 pages in total.


Please print the flash cards out one side, and cut it out along the dotted line. 

“We Sing We Learn” Method : 

Sing the Days of the Week Song that specially made for Chinese Learner or play the song as background music in the car in the room or transition time, and display the flash cards on the wall to learn the Calendar Math.   

*Because this is a digital product, no refunds are available. For personal use only.